Artist Statment

My name is Emily Larson, and I am a senior in the Graphic Design program at UW-Stout. My broad interests in art and design have made it challenging for me to narrow my career path.  Graphic, Interior, and Industrial design all appeal to me.  My interest in art is driven by a constant appreciation for good design.  I get a lot of my inspiration from interior spaces on TV and in magazines.  Other contemporary artists I stumble upon through the Internet and art galleries also have a great impact on my techniques.

My work fits in with contemporary design because I believe that less is more in most cases.  This gets demonstrated in my work through simplicity in the compositions, color schemes, and overall form and function of the piece.  Principle design aesthetics, clean lines and spot on craftsmanship are also essential components for my individual objectives.  Another important factor is color.  It is such a seductive element, especially when used in thoughtful and interesting ways.

My designs and ideation process has changed considerably since I’ve been at Stout.  I’ve learned to take my time and explore many more solutions beyond what is sometimes necessary.  I have also become more open minded to critique, and I’m better at implementing feedback to push a design from good to exceptional.

Looking ahead, I’m not yet set on a specific path, and I continue to be curious about all opportunities. I know that along the way I’ll become more comfortable with what opportunities best fit my skill set.  Creativity, design knowledge, organizational skills, inter-personal skills, and hands-on preferred techniques are where I excel.  With wide interests and capabilities, I’m confident that I’ll discover a career path that is rewarding on both professional and personal levels.

Please take a look through my portfolio and check back often for updates through the news page.  I would also love to hear from you, so feel free to contact me at